When audiences first hear Dee Miller belt out her style mix of barrelhouse,Delta and Chicago blues, they might think this little gal is lip syncing the likes of Etta James or  Bonnie Raitt. The truth is: her 35+ years of experience with Twin Cities blues and R&B bands have earned her the nickname "The Duchess of the Blues".

Dee's vocals get the crowds attention from her first note. Backed up by the guitar artistry of our newest band member, Craig Clark, harmonica man Paul Mejia, keyboard player Jesse Mueller, and the rockin' rhythm section featuring Eric Meyer on bass and Ben Irvin on drums combine to keep fans dancing and jumping to a repertoire of deep cut blues favorites.  Featured performer, Jimi "Primetime" Smith also makes guest appearances.

The Dee Miller Band  is available for festivals, commercial establishments, private parties or "wherever they will pay us".


"The Dee Miller Band:   Always a pure soul moving JOY!!"
        -Christine McElvoy-Oliphant

"It was a Monday. I signed my retirement papers (kinda anticlimactic), got in my car, cranked up the Dee Miller CD and smiled all of the way home."
                                                        -Sharilin Claggett
Dee Miller
The Duchess of the Blues

photo by Doug Jenkins

Dee Miller The Duchess of the Blues

photo by Doug Jenkins