Well, folks, this is the real deal. The pure definition of "The Blues". Top Shelf, Top Notch. It don't git no bettah"
Ted Vaughn Blues Band

DEE MILLER belts out vocals like Janis Joplin and her band of veteran musicians HAS LOTS OF FUN TAKING HER AND THE AUDIENCE TO MUSICAL DELIGHT. ..  and YES you can come down in your swimming suits as long as you wear the dancing shoes that match...

Stephen Thomas McClellen

"The blues seems to come easier to Dee and her band, as their music and show is not over-done in anyway – no shortcomings to overcome with over-the-top theatrics or exhibitions. Each player is solid in their role, with Craig Clark taking on both guitar work and vocals equally above and beyond what would be expected from this band configuration. Dee’s vocals alone are substantial enough to carry a show, and when you see more talent welcomed onto the stage where a lot of times ego doesn’t even let it in the door, a listener always knows they are in for a real treat. And, by looking at the legions in the Dee lovin’ on-site support crew, this lady and her band have impressed a lot of people this way, along the way…Dee, when you coming to Florida? I’m sure fans are already there waiting for you, beside me!"

Charles R. Boyer, Owner/Publisher

Jazz & Blues Florida


The Dee Miller Band:   Always a pure soul moving JOY!!
        -Christine McElvoy-Oliphant

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