"Well... Hello There!"

Allow me to introduce myself....  I am Sadie! 

I met Dee a year ago and somehow I knew she would join my life and make me a star.   It has always been my destiny you know.You may be wondering why I was so sure the time was right for this .

This is our story…. 
Dee brought me home and I knew my dreams had come true!  This lady has leopard print dresses and I was born to wear leopard print!  I’m sure you agree!  

There is even a song called "Leopard Print Dress" and an album called "Leopard Print Dress".  The album is charting and getting played all over the world.   See....... DESTINY!

 Last year I had pictures taken with many of my fans. This summer I am going to write a blog about my adventures with Dee Miller and the Band.  At most of the outdoor Dee Miller performances, I will be available for you to have your picture taken with me. (ooh, aren’t you the lucky one!)  We are going to put the pictures of you and me on the "Summer with Sadie" page on the website as part of my blog.  I have a busy summer planned - be sure to check where I will be so you can join me! 

Oh, what fun this will be! 

So.....  feel free to take your selfies or (pose with me) and send them to thedeemillerband@gmail.com.  Check back here and on our facebook page to see where I have been and what I have been doing.  


There is only one rule:

"Don’t be naughty with me! I am not that kind of a girl!"