Meet the Band

Dee Miller

"I said, Hey everybody - Let's have some fun. You only live once and when you're dead you're done" is the description of a Dee Miller Band show and from that first verse - you know the good times are gonna roll.

Dee Miller is a longtime Minnesota musician who has shared the stage with Koko Taylor, Janiva Magness, Bobby Messano as well as local favorites Lamont Cranston, Annie Mack, Renee Austin, Mick Sterling  and so many more incredible musicians. Guitarist Jimi "Primetime" Smith has been an integral part of the Dee Miller Band for the last three years- years that Dee counts as her best.

From her early days as a child listening to her mother singing the blues around the house in Maplewood,MN, Dee has been a singer.  She first started singing along with Dione Warwick and Aretha Franklin recordings as she crafted her skills. The sounds of Etta James, Bonnie Raitt,  and Mahalia Jackson were part of a life spent singing as she walked down the railroad tracks that were right next door to her house.  During these times, Dee realized the power of music and what a refuge it is for her.

Dee's first professional gig was with the blues band "Minnesota Barking Ducks".  She also sang with bands such as "Liberty Street", "Bottom Line"', "Night Train" with her dear friend Liz Cummings, and several others before she started the Dee Miller Band in 2004.  Dee is also currently singing with "Who Nu".

Dee  has performed in many local music establishments. On a national level, Dee has performed in Chicago at Buddy Guy's Legends, and in Washington D.C. at Madam's Organ. Dee  has also performed on stages in Memphis, San Francisco, Greenwich Village, Key Largo and Florence, Italy.

The Dee Miller Band is a two time winner of the Battle of the Blues Bands in Minneapolis.  As the winner in 2015, the Dee Miller Band performed at the Lowertown Blues Festival as an opening act for Elvin Bishop and Walter Trout. The Dee Miller Band has performed at many other regional festivals.

Dee's closing words at performances are:  "Give God the glory and don't forget to give thanks".

These words are the way Dee lives and performs.

Craig Clark, Guitar and Vocals

Born in Harrisburg Pennsylvania, Craig Clark started singing Gospel music at the young age of five. Listening to the sounds of The Mighty Clouds of Joy and The Gospel Keynotes, Craig started his musical journey singing at churches around his hometown area.

Since moving from Pennsylvania to Minnesota in the late eighties, Craig has been spreading his soulful sound throughout the state and beyond. Adding his self-taught compelling guitar style to his already dynamic vocals; Craig has constructed a style of his own. Influenced by the the likes of Sam Cook, Bobby Bland, Robert Cray and Buddy Guy, Craig Clark has proven to be a strong force in the musical community, leaving audiences talking long after hearing him perform.

A highlight of Craig's career was traveling to Katar to perform for American troops. Craig has been featured at local music events such as The Stevie Ray Vaughn show,  as well as giving his time for benefits for local musicans and organizations. 


Projects:  The Dee Miller Band, The Craig Clark Band

Jesse Mueller, Keyboard

This versatile young keyboardist from Minneapolis plays with the fire of the funk/jazz masters. Jesse is a musician's musician, hanging by the edge of the stage, but oh so prominent in forming the sound of the 13 Twin Cities bands with which he performs. His stylings in jazz, fusion, funk, rock, country, gospel, blues, r&b, Latin jazz and hip hop, provide greater depth to their sound and to the numerous other Twin Cities acts he performs with every week. Jesse has a successful set of shows at the Lucerne Blues Festival with Willie Walker & We R  in his credits and performed in Brazil in August 2016. Jesse is also the keyboard/piano player at two local churches.

To learn more about Jesse: facebook page.


Eric Meyer, Bass and Vocals

Eric’s musical skills and talents were nurtured by a musical family from a very young age.  He credit’s his desire to be a bass player to his uncle Maynard Meyer.  He was given his first bass at age 11 and the journey began.

His reputation as a twin cities bass player started with  “The Dog Pound Blues Band” when he was just fifteen years old. At the age of 18, Eric began his professional career heading out on the road with the David Collin Bryant Band right after he graduated from high school.

In his 30 year musical career, Eric has shared the stage with such greats as: Lady Blues, Claudette King, and Jimi “Primetime” Smith as well as many other great musicians. The Pete Kavanaugh Group, the Daily Grind, and the Kurt Jorgensen Band are among the many previous bands he has played with. Eric Meyer’s bass playing has been described as awesome and creative and his nickname is “The Machine”.  Eric is sought after by many local bands as a fill-in when time allows.

Projects: the Dee Miller Band, The Craig Clark Band, The Pete K group, as well as Eric Meyer and the Great Northern Rhythm Section


Mike DuBois, Drums

Drummer, Mike DuBois first began his masterful drumming on the pots and pans in his parents’ kitchen. At the tender age of six, little did anyone suspect that this was going to be a life-long passion. Mike’s talent was nurtured when those same parents bought him a drum set to keep him from playing pots, pans, on the furniture, on books and anything else he could find.  Thus a great career began.

Influenced by Buddy Rich, Dave Weckl, and Dennis Chambers, Mike has crafted his style throughout the years in projects with Mitch Woods, Mojo Buford, The Lamont Cranston Band, and The Big John Dickerson Band.  Mike is well known in the Twin Cities and plays with many local musicians and corporate event bands.

Known for his intense style of drumming, Mike has the versatility to play many styles of music. He is considered one of the premier drummers in the Twin Cities Area.

Highlights in his career are: playing at the Guthrie theater with The Lamont Cranston Band, and playing with Dan Aykroyd. He lists playing for his beautiful wife, Dee and her band (The Dee Miller Band) above all.

Projects:  The Dee Miller Band, Who Nu,